Newfoundland & Labrador College of Family Physicians – Director of External Engagement

Terms of Reference


The Newfoundland & Labrador College of Family Physicians (NL CFP) Director of External Engagement (DEE) will work on behalf of the NL CFP Board of Directors to enhance collaboration between the NL CFP and partner organizations. This will include the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador (with a special focus on the Department of Health and Community Services), and other stakeholders as identified by the NL CFP Executive and/or Board. The DEE will drive outreach to committees and projects that impact primary care and the NL CFP membership.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Represent the NL CFP externally to the community, government, and other organizations and agencies in a manner that fosters confidence in, and the reputation of, the NL CFP.
  • Engage in the development of the strategic plan, organizational goals, and assist in developing and implementing strategies to reach those goals.
  • Initiate and maintain regular communication with stakeholders.
  • Engage with various committees and special projects of partner organizations and the Government of NL that are relevant to the NL CFP membership.
  • Attend meetings with representatives of partner organizations.
  • Advocate with the NL Government for greater engagement with the NL CFP and its members.
  • Monitor news media and government sources for statements and announcements related to primary care, and determine the appropriate response.
  • Act as a spokesperson for the NL CFP as directed by the NL CFP President.


  • Must be a member in good standing of the NL CFP.
  • Must be licensed to practice in Newfoundland & Labrador.
  • Must have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Previous experience in government relations would be an asset.
  • Previous experience with the NL CFP or knowledge of college activities is required.


The DEE reports directly to the NL CFP Board. The DEE will provide monthly written reports to the NL CFP President and Chapter Administrator, which will include a list of activities and expenses. The DEE will attend all NL CFP Executive and Board Meetings as a non-voting member, to present a verbal report and receive direction from the Executive / Board. Quarterly summary reports are to be submitted for circulation to NL CFP members. An annual report is to be presented to the NL CFP Membership at the Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM), which is usually held in the fall.


A yearly evaluation will take place around the time of the AMM. This will include a performance evaluation completed by the NL CFP Board and a self-evaluation to be completed by the DEE. The NL CFP Board will then review the position and make a decision regarding renewal of the position. The NL CFP Board may, at any time, revoke or suspend the appointment of the DEE without cause.

Term Duration & TOR Expiration:

The Director of External Engagement will be a 3 year position, with an option to renew once for a maximum of 6 years.  The Terms of Reference for this position will be reviewed by the Policy Committee and approved at Board level annually.


Remuneration for this position will be $114 / hour with a maximum of $30,000 per annum.  Any  additional remuneration beyond this, will need to be approved by the NL CFP Board.  All activities undertaken as the DEE are eligible for remuneration, including communications, preparation time, meetings (in person, teleconference, etc.), travel time (home/accommodation to home/accommodation), and other activities approved by the NL CFP Board of Directors as outlined in the DEE terms of reference.

All expense claims are to be submitted monthly and will be reviewed by the NL CFP Executive.

TOR – Approved by NL CFP Board, Sunday, September 26, 2021

TOR – Approved by NL CFP Board, April 2022 Face to Face Board Meeting, St. John’s (delete Social Media Responsibilities)