Happy spring! Just as a reminder, the role of the Director of External Engagement (DEE) is to sit on a variety of committees as a representative of the NL College of Family Physicians (NL CFP) and, more importantly, as a representative for NL family physicians. Here is an update on my most notable recent activities:

  • Government of NL – Ongoing engagement with government representatives through the Health Accord and other projects. Letters were sent to government officials reminding them of Family Doctor Day on May 19th, and encouraging a public show of support.
  • MUN Medicine – A retreat focusing on NL physician recruitment and retention will be taking place in June, organized by MUN Medicine. I was asked to provide input into this event on behalf of the NLCFP, and to encourage you to attend if you’re able.
  • Health Accord – The Health Accord has moved into the implementation phase, meaning that the Community Care Committee is now focusing on the “how” of primary health care reform. A big thank you to those who attended our focus groups in March! Your feedback was presented directly to the Health Accord Task Force, and was very well received. I will be reaching out again in the coming months to collect further feedback from NL family physicians about the Interim Report and implementation ideas.
  • Other Organizations – The NLCFP is constantly looking for new organizations with which to connect. Most recently I have contacted the various nursing associations in order to start thinking about how we can better support one another. I will be reaching out to other health associations over the next several months.
  • Other Activities – Various groups now contact me on a regular basis looking for input on their project ideas and program proposals. It is clear that the NLCFP is viewed by many as a strong, representative voice for NL family physicians.
    Aside from what has become the “usual” DEE activities, I also facilitated the 2021-2023 NL College of Family Physicians (NL CFP) strategic plan. If you have any questions about the DEE position, or my involvement with any committees or organizations, please email me anytime ([email protected]).

As well, if there is an organization with which you feel the NL CFP should be engaging, please let me know.

Stay safe,

Dr. Nicole Stockley

Dee Report Graphic