As Director of External Engagement (DEE), I sit on a variety of committees as a representative of the NL College of Family Physicians (NL CFP) and, more importantly, as a representative for NL family physicians. The graphic below highlights the organizations with which the NL CFP is currently engaging most closely.

Here’s an update regarding my current activities:

Government of NL – As DEE I’m constantly engaging with members of the Provincial Government on a variety of committees, and therefore I am frequently able to provide a family medicine perspective directly to those working on government initiatives. As well, during the recent election, a letter was sent to each party leader to make them aware of the NL CFP’s role both as a member organization, and as an active and well-connected partner organization.

Family Practice Renewal Program – The NL CFP sits on the Family Practice Renewal Committee as a non-voting member. I provide input into initiatives designed specifically for family physicians, and I am in close contact with the FPNs.

NLMA – The relationship between the NL CFP and the NLMA continues to be strong. We meet regularly to discuss common issues and messaging. Joint statements are issued from time to time, and we utilize each other’s resources and member reach.

MUN Family Medicine – While COVID has created challenges for our regular activities, we are developing new ways to interact with medical learners. Recently, I gave a presentation to all of the MUN residents during Resident Appreciation Week. We are also working on how to deliver some virtual procedural skill training to the medical students.

Quality of Care NL/Choosing Wisely NL – As DEE, I sit on the Quality of Care NL Working Group, which helps provide direction for the organization’s projects. Through this role, I’m able to provide feedback on a variety of initiatives that target/involve family physicians, including Practice Points. My work in helping Quality of Care NL improve its direct engagement with family physicians across the province is ongoing.

Health Accord – This is what is keeping me the busiest these days. I sit on the Community Care Committee, which is working to develop a vision for community and primary care in our province. I have presented the Patient’s Medical Home Model to the Committee, and the model will also be presented to the Task Force in the coming weeks. The NL CFP has also been asked to collect feedback from NL family physicians to bring directly back to the Task Force.

Lots of work is being done, with lots more to do over the next year. If you have any questions about the DEE position, or my role with any committees or organizations, please email me anytime ([email protected]).

As well, if there is an organization with which you feel the NL CFP should be engaging, please let me know. Stay safe!

Dee Report Graphic